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NOBCOR - Gemini Ultimate Saxophone Harness


The Gemini Ultimate Saxophone Harness is designed to relieve stress caused by the weight of the musical instrument. Made with 1” Webbing, the Gemini Ultimate Saxophone Harness distributes the weight of the musical instrument evenly across the shoulders while providing optimum balance and support. The Gemini Ultimate Saxophone Harness improves posture and balance while enhancing the musician’s freedom of movement. It is fully adjustable allowing the musician to easily adjust the strap to a precise length. Strap Sizes Available: Small, Medium, Large, XL & Youth

ONLY Available in Men's and Youths Sizes:

Men's Small = up to 40" Chest

Men's Medium = 36" - 44" Chest

Men's Large = 38" - 58" Chest

Men's X-Large = 46" - 60" Chest


*ONLY Available with Plastic Swivel Hook - PS 600

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