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Education in Music Can Open Doors for Children in the Future

Education without music shortchanges our children and their futures. Education with music provides students with a competitive edge.

Research on intelligence and cognitive function points to the possibility that music may be a form of intelligence.

Development Gain: Musical education, especially at an early age, can help open the door to important benefits. Involvement in music powerfully reinforces such crucial characteristics as self-esteem, self-discipline, creativity, and self-expression. It helps develop problem-solving skills, integrates subject matter across the curriculum, and has a high correlation with overall academic achievement.

Study in Music is Preparation for the Future.

Music Does Make the Difference

When a child studies music, significant elements of his or her education find focus and expression. Developing the ability to understand and use symbols in new context. 

Finding and directing the power of personal creativity and self-expression exercising the diverse skills of problem solving. Participating in the deeply human satisfaction of shared work and meeting new challenges.

Education in Music helps Develop

* Problem solving skills

* Teamwork

* Goal setting

* Self-expression

* Hand-eye co-ordination

* Memory skills

* Self-confidence and esteem

* Concentration

* Poise

* Time management skills

* Understanding across cultures

* Communications

* Technological awareness

* Quality of life

* Standards of excellence

* And much, much more!

Did you know?

*  Students with course work or experience in music scored 50-60 points higher in the SAT verbal portion and 36-50 points higher in the math portion in 1996. -The College Board

*  Japan, a world leader both economically and technologically, is extensively revising entire education program, with a major focus on the arts and creative thinking. - Dennis Tupman, Saskatchewan Music Educators Conference

*  Major industries are hiring new computer systems employees on the basis of their creative potential. - Time June 11,1990

*  The arts are Canada's 11th largest industry, representing fully 4% of the Gross National Product, yet they receive only 0.8% of the total Federal expenditures. - Statistics Canada

*  Arts jobs are expected to increase 130% more than non-arts jobs in the 90's. -Statistics Canada

*  An education in the Arts provides people with a competitive advantage when it comes to getting a job.

Get Involved.........You can make a Difference!!

*  Promote public awareness of the importance and value of a well balanced curriculum that includes a sequential developmental high quality music program

*  Organize or be a part of a local music education coalition and advocacy group.

*  Urge school administrators and trustees to facilitate and support the delivery of high quality music programs.

*  Ask the Music Department at your school questions about your child's music program. Then advocate with all levels of administration for changes and additions to the present program where necessary.