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Our Staff

Gino Nobili - President & Master Repair Technician

Gino Nobili's love for music at a very young age inspired him to pursue his dream to become a woodwind repair technician. In 1968, he was hired by Sparling & Maurice a band instrument repair company where he apprenticed under the guidance of George Maurice for 5 years. In 1973, The Music Lab Ltd was established in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has been the choice of professionals ever since.

Gino Nobili, the owner of The Music Lab Ltd. has been a prominent leader in the music industry for almost 50 years. During that time, Mr. Nobili has been instrumental in developing numerous products for the music industry and has been a key fixture in the musical instrument repair business. Mr. Nobili is regarded by many as a top repair technician. Mr. Nobili has also been an independent consultant for several universities across the world in countries such as Britain, Canada, China, Cuba, Norway, Germany and the United States covering many technical aspects and concepts for the musical industry.


Gino Nobili, Master Repair Technician currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with his wife Carla and three children Jason, Mark and Steve.

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