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"Gino Nobili, has been my exclusive repair tech & friend for over 35 years. I know of no other saxophone repairman in the world, who is comparable to his abilities. I highly recommend the Music Lab Ltd. to all those who appreciate good repair work on their instruments." Paul Brodie


"Simply the Best!! Gino and his staff are super repair technicians. Very knowledgeable, honest, kind and truly equipped for any job. Their prices are more than fair and they do really stand behind 100% of their work. They have taken care of all my instruments for nearly 50 years. They are truly amazing. Trust me, I know." Ron Kemp


"Music Lab services are terrific and Gino Nobili is truly an artist of saxophone maintenance and repair." Willem Moolenbeek


"I've been playing professionally for over 20 years and have had a lot of repairmen. To put it quite simply, Gino is the best! Gino's always there when you need quality work on your horn. He's been a good friend and the only person that I've trusted my sax work with for the majority of my career. It's obvious that he really cares about his work - the detail and attention that he brings to instrument repair is tremendous. I was sent to him by my teacher years ago, and I do the same for all my students!" Sundar Viswanathan


“All my instrument repairs are done here, for my instruments and the schools where I teach.  The folks at the Music Lab are true professionals who always do a great job and make you feel welcome.” Jerry Quintyne


"Whenever I'm in need of a minor tune up or something major I can always count on the Music Lab for superior service!  My Expectations are always exceeded and I am continually impressed with the excellent service, reliability and friendly atmosphere." Kevin Matthews


"Best repair shop in the Country." Nick Morgan

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